At Allow2, your information is treated as a precious personal commodity.

We are greatly encouraged by the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and see it as a first step in a journey for the regulatory bodies in the world to “catch up” and “keep up” with the dangers of modern technology.

Security and Transparency

We take security and transparency very seriously and what we do in building and extending capabilities in the Allow2 platform is underpinned with your safety, your security and your control at it’s core.

We always have, and always will, place protection of our users data above all in the way we design and implement services for you.

For example:

  • Security of your data: Allow2 relies on current modern practices for data protection in all our systems and we host our services only on global providers that adhere to the same principles. We demand very high standards of all our providers to ensure they meet stringent global security standards.
  • Access to your data: Allow2 attempts to make all your data as easily accessible as possible. For example, you have access to all past calendar settings until you delete them, all connected device information and all past historic data usage for all children on your account simply by visiting the relevant pages on the portal when you log in.

Continuous Improvement

A continual process is employed at Allow2 in order to continue to provide the best security and the best ways for you to access and control your data.

We are adding more controls to your account to allow you to do things such as:

  1. Simply download an entire collection of all data we have in your account with a simple button push. In the interim, you can use the existing method of raising a request using our support portal to request a full data extract as we have provided for many years. Extending this to be a simple button push in the future is one example of how we will continue to improve and simplify processes for you.
  2. We currently allow you to request a data “wipe” through the same support portal as we have done so for many years. Adding a shortcut has been a lower priority as we have had an extremely small number of requests for this function and very few people (under 0.1% of users) wishing to delete their accounts. Still, as a continual improvement to our systems, we do want to make it even easier to take full control of your data, so we will be adding a button in the future to your profile page.

Data Processing

As far as using your data for any “processing” in the way the GDPR refers to it, we have intentionally limited any such processing to simply features that improve the simplicity of the platform. For example, we use examine the settings each user applies to their children over time, such as bans, day types and allowed time periods and usage quotas for each activity to estimate what the best practices people are employing to manage their children look like. We use this information to better set “default” settings for new accounts and to occasionally offer tips to our users if we see a certain pattern emerging that indicates this seems to be a good standard approach for some families.

Additionally, we use feedback and classification of apps and other controls to help us decide better how to group and classify services and systems to meet your needs, this is generalised (and anonymised where applicable) feedback and has no connection to you or your data in general.

Have Your Say

As we are constantly working on simplifying, increasing protection and expanding the utility of the platform for you on an ongoing basis. We absolutely welcome every piece of feedback from you at all times on how to do things better.

We encourage you to raise any questions, concerns, ideas or requests via our support portal, no matter how trivial. So please work together with us to make Allow2 everything you want it to be.

More Information

For more information on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) please refer to the GDPR Home Page.

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