The developer license is meant to be quite simple, but to provide protection for you as a developer and protection for the Allow2 service, to also make sure your investment in adopting allow2 is secure.

Basic License Concepts

The intention of the license is to:

  1. Allow developers to use the API freely with no restrictions, provided:
    • The API is only used to connect to Allow2 and no other competing service
  2. We permits (and encourage) porting the API to other platforms and languages, provided:
    • The ported version falls under this same license and essentially the IP remains owned by Allow2 Pty Ltd.
    • The ported versions therefore can only be used with the Allow2 service and not with any competing service.

Essentially, you can use and port the Allow2 API/SDK as much as you want, provided you use it only with the Allow2 web service.


The API and SDK Licence and Service Agreement (Agreement) sets out the terms and conditions upon which Allow2 agrees to provide access to the Allow2 Service and grants a licence to use the Allow2 API and any SDK in Registered Developer’s Products. The licence permits modification and porting of the Allow2 API and SDK on certain conditions set out in the Agreement. You are not required to provide Allow2 with the modifications that you make to the Allow2 API and/or SDK, but we encourage you to do so in order to promote the sharing of modifications to the Allow2 API and SDK throughout our community of Registered Developers. Please read the Agreement for further details.

Is it free?Developer/Manufacturer use of the Allow2 API and/or Allow2 SDK and the service are currently Free.
Use of the service by end users is also currently Free.
We reserve the right to modify service charges at any time, however it is intended that there will always be certain levels of usage (Basic Accounts) that will remain free.
Can I use it in a commercial application?We actively encourage use or the API, SDKs and our service in commercial applications.
Is it royalty free? There is no royalty charge for use of Allow2 products at this time.
Do I have to open-source my application code that makes use of the Allow2 API?You are quite welcome to open-source your application. Please note that at all times, the Allow2 API and/or SDKs remain covered by our license.
Do I have to open-source or contribute my changes to the API codeWe do not require your code to be added to our code base. However we encourage you to contribute changes to make the platform better for everyone.
Do I have to offer to provide the Allow2 API or any SDK code to users of my application?Feel free to do that if you wish, but we don't require it. However, Allow2 API and Allow2 SDKs are always covered by our license.
Can I receive professional technical support on a commercial basis?This is currently provided by free via and we actively support the API and any SDK (and derivatives) in an effort to help promote service usage.
Is a warranty provided?We provide no warranty at the current time. We intend to provide a warranty in the near future.
Can I port the API to another language/platformWe actively encourage porting and improving the API and SDKs. Please bear in mind that derivative works inherit our Allow2 API and SDK License and although you don't technically have to contribute the derivative works to our repositories, we would encourage you do so for the good of the whole community.

Full License Document

Current Version 1.0: API Licence and Service Agreement 1.0 13_04_2014